We are a small family run dog boarding kennels and this allows us to pay more attention and care to your dog or dogs. Our site is manned ( sometimes womaned ) 24 hours a day, each and every day.

We pride ourselves in the amount of care and attention given to all of our boarders and treat them as if they were our own. Our intensive daily cleaning routine far exceeds regulation standards and the careful monitoring of all dogs left in our care is second to none.

Purpose Built Luxury Dog Boarding Kennels

Our dog boarding kennels were built in 2006 and the solid construction helps help provide a quieter, calmer atmosphere which will be more enjoyable for your dog to stay in. With full central heating, they make it easier for staff to attend to dogs one-on-one, giving them full attention.Full height, (6ft/2m) kennels are best because they make dogs feel more secure, more like a room at home AND it's easier for staff to clean the kennels thoroughly if they don't have to bend. You can see our dog boarding area is clean and well maintained with fewer but larger kennels.

It is important that dogs get out of the kennels for play, exercises and walks where possible to reduce depression and stress. Away from the kennels dogs can be themselves, play with friends, have a chance for a run, stretch, sniff and play, and most importantly have human company on a one-to-one basis. Providing your dog's own bedding, toys and chews, plus something you have worn that smells familiar, will help your dog to relax and helps them to settle in much faster.Our attatched covered runs allow your dog freedom to move between sleep and exercise areas while being protected from the weather. Choices and different views also help your dog to settle quicker with minimum fuss.



There are many points to consider when looking for good dog boarding kennels, the nearest or the cheapest should not be your main deciding factor. Here are some things that you should be looking for.

Friendly and knowledgable staff who genuinely take an interest in your dog.

Clean, well light and well ventaleted kennels in a strong secure building.

Heated sleeping area with large runs that do not look onto other dog runs as this can unsettle your dog.

Not sited on or near a main road or bus route.

Where owners are encouraged to bring their dog’s favourite toy and asked for more details such as what are thier favourite games.

Where you know that your dog will be walked and played with at least twice each day.

Where owners can have a good look round to see for themselves the conditions that they will be leaving their dog and get any other questions answered.

Perhaps surprisingly, new boarders quickly get used to the routine. During the first few days, we watch all newcomers especially carefully to ensure they are eating and contented. We even make sure that they are tucked in at bedtime with a treat or two. If you are worried how your dog will adapt to boarding, we suggest a trial stay.

Yes, we welcome owners and are happy to accompany them on a guided tour of our premises and to answer any questions that they may have. Please visit our Terms & Conditions page for times.

We can cater for puppies of any age as long as they have been fully vaccinated. We will try our best to stick to the extra feeding and toileting routines which you have established so as we do not disrupt your home routine and training at this important stage in their life.

Usually 6 months is sufficient settling in time for a re-homed pet. A trial stay might be recommended.

For all our boarders’ protection, we need to see your dog’s up-to-date vaccination records and vaccination history. Your vet will advise which annual boosters are needed. We require dogs to have a kennel cough vaccination too. Nobivac KC is recommended as this lasts for 12 months. Intrac is acceptable but only lasts for 6 months. With either vaccine, please ensure it is given at least 2 weeks prior to boarding in case of a reaction to the vaccine.

All our dog boarders are walked, on a lead, in our private fields twice daily, even in very hot weather, when a wander under the trees is always welcome. We walk our boarders in the rain too! Elderly dogs can take just a short stroll if that is what they prefer.

All special dietary and medical needs are noted from the boarding form you fill out and our staff makes sure these are administered daily, or as specified. Please bring special diets or medication with your pet, both clearly labelled. Medication should be in veterinary dispensed containers with your dog’s name on it.

We encourage our boarders to bring their favourite toys with them. Lawersbridge dog boarding kennels really care about your dog’s welfare and will ALWAYS use the comfort items you provide – and we will prompt you to bring them! Providing your dog’s own bedding, toys and chews, plus something you have worn and smells familiar, will help your dog to relax and settle in much faster. We all know what an amazing sense of smell dogs have – don’t deprive them of such a simple, free comfort factor.

We have 24 hour access to the highly rated local veterinary in Mauchline and in the unlikely event of illness; your pet will receive immediate veterinary attention. We will also liaise with your own vet for matters of ongoing treatment.

The boarding kennels are fully secure. The Lawersbridge site is attended 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and entry to the kennels is only allowed when being accompanied by a member of staff. Only the very best dog friendly products are used by us.

All our boarders have lots of human contact while they are staying with us. Outdoor play sessions and countryside walks twice daily or to the owners wishes. Please advise us of their favourite games.

Yes, please contact us to arrange suitable times and location. Phone:- 01290 550348

Family run dog boarding kennels ·

Family run dog boarding kennels ·